Customized solutions: Through a complete and versatile machine park, we are able to apply various manufacturing processes and find a customized solution for our customers. With an experienced design office we can always find the ideal solution for you.

Project development service

With our experience in the market, we work closely with our clients to develop tailor-made projects and find customized solutions that meet our clients' expectations.

Product delivery service

The company has means to transport and deliver our products to the customers.

Consulting service

We study technical solutions to solve problems for our customers, this way becoming partners in the development of products and solutions. We thoroughly accompany your project from start to end.


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Has an experienced and organized company Altix was awarded with several certifications that corroborate its dedication, professionalism, and committal to the client. We have achieved to fulfil the high quality standards of our customers and we face each proposed challenge with the highest level of pleasure and availability.


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